Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moved to Wordpress!

Hello, extremely small percentage of the world's people who read this blog. I've moved to Wordpress because, honestly, posting pictures is a bitch on Blogger. Read this entry on my new blog,, to see why that's important. I admit, I'll miss the grammatically-correct hyphen at the url of this blog. Stupid Wordpress allowing only letters and numbers in urls.

I've copied most of the entries here to the new site, with the exception of the very personal (read: emo) ones. I know it's silly pretending that makes them more private, but I'm a pretty silly fellow to begin with. All new entries will be posted there, too, so forget about this one.

Oh, and just because I'm proud of it, here's the header I drew for the new blog:

See how I kept the general theme of "Skinny Dork Fights Zombies with a Giant Pencil"? That's called brand consistency. If I were a brand, that is.

Anyhoots, that's all there is to this chapter of my life! See you at the new one!

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